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INVITI is a brand office chair created by PT. Xander Kreasindo Gemilang.

By looking at the needs of office chairs are increasing rapidly in line

global development, PT Xander Kreasindo Gemilang is committed to innovate with the latest modern chair models that prioritize art and design while still paying attention to the convenience values ​​for consumers. Surely this opportunity makes the birth of PT. Xander Kreasindo Gemilang that is determined to present the chair with the latest model of elegant and comfortable in accordance with the selogannya "UNLIMITED ART & DESIGN"

PT. Xander Kreasindo Gemilang was established since 2013. in his time for 4 years acting in the field of office chairs of course in that time we simply understand what is needed by consumers during this time. And that's why we always innovate to complement every aspect of our customer needs, it is our challenge to continue to provide the latest innovations with premium quality and relatively affordable price. In addition to quality, innovation and competitive pricing, INVITI also prioritizes delivery precision, as we are confident with the best quality, innovation, competitive pricing and delivery precisely these four things are preferred by our customers and vendors.


1. Learning from 2013 experience in the field, PT Xander Kreasindo Gemilang focuses business activities on sectors associated with office furniture.

2. Business activities are laid out by optimizing development and utilization company resources continuously by adding new product and medel-model variants.


Visi PT. Xander Kreasindo Gemilang :
1. Menjadi perusahaan produsen kursi kantor yang berkualitas dengan reputasi global.
2. Menjadi partner bagi kenyamanan konsumen dengan terus menerus berinovasi untuk menghasilkan seni dan desain dengan mengutamakan kenyamanan.


Misi PT. Xander Kreasindo Gemilang :
1. Menyediakan kursi kantor dengan kualitas yang terbaik dengan harga yang terjangkau.
2. Memberikan banyak pilihan model kursi dari model standar sampai dengan yang modern.
3. Menyempurnakan kenyamanan yang profesional dan terbaik bagi konsumen.



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